Our Technology

We are committed to staying up to date with the most modern technological advancements. Our in-house laboratory combined with our in-house technologies allows us to provide the highest level of dental care to our patients within Peterborough & the Kawarthas.


CEREC technology offers patients the convenience of receiving Same-Day Crowns. Almost all crowns can be made in an hour thanks to this revolutionary advancement in technology. Where traditionally, your crown would take 2 weeks to prepare and you would have to wear a temporary crown that often comes off, plus you have to become numb at both the initial and insert appointments. You no longer have to deal with these unfavorable steps in the process thanks to Cerec technology. This means no more gooey impressions or temporaries, no waiting period, and they’re even more beautiful due to no presence of metal!

CT Scan

For complex implant planning, knowing the 3 dimensional view of the bony structure is vital for long term success. CBCT (Cone Beam CT scan) are designed for our dentists to accurately predict the bone structure and helps to avoid vital structures like nerve or arteries for safer implant surgery.

Direct Milling

For large complex cases, the laboratory involvement is essential for excellent result. However, thanks to 3d scanning and milling technology, even bigger cases involving multiple restorations and implants can be made in house. This not only controls the quality of the work by our doctors but also provides faster processing for patients and reduces the need for impression, which most people despise.


Laser has been used many years in dentistry. Although its use is limited, the use of laser in soft tissue and bone is quite beneficial. It reduces the need for scalpel and cutting and the healing process is often much easier.

3D Scanning

Due to 3d technology, our office is slowly eliminating the need for physical impressions. The 3d scanning is easier and faster and much more comfortable and very futuristic, compared to the gooey impressions.

3D Printer

The use of 3D printing is not new to the world of science, however the incorporation in dental fields is relatively new and revolutionary. No more missing dental stone and working tireless with acrylic. The use of dental 3D printing is improving at every moment, and eventually we will even be able to print dentures!


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