Smile Makeovers

There are many people out there who suffered from total destruction of their teeth. People lose, break, or wear down their teeth all the time. For some, this disease process is slow. For others, the process is very quick and significant. If you lost your smile that you used to have or if you never had the beautiful smile, Dr. Alex and Team are here to help. In our community, our team is known to create the smile you always dream of with use of porcelain restorations, Implants, orthodontic and digital 3d technology. However, we are more committed to not only maintain your new beautiful smile but also to prevent these from happening first place with thorough analysis of your mouth and current conditions. Creation is fun but prevention is more fun.

To learn more about full-mouth reconstruction and smile makeovers visit our practice extension, Everes Dentistry – Dr. Alex’s new clinic exclusive to complex cases HERE.

Visit our Clinical Cases Gallery to view our smile makeovers.