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Dr. Aruthy Pathmarajan

Dr. Aruthy Pathmarajan is a distinguished graduate of the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, earning her degree in 2023. She boasts an academic background with a double major in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences and Physiology from Western University in 2018. During her academic journey, Dr. Pathmarajan actively participated in various programs, including a mission trip to Jamaica and outreach initiatives aimed at educating children about dentistry.

In her role as a clinician, Dr. Pathmarajan places a strong emphasis on patient education. She is committed to empowering her patients, ensuring they have the knowledge and tools to take control of their oral health. This dedication reflects her holistic approach to dentistry, where the patient’s understanding and involvement play a crucial role in maintaining optimal dental well-being.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Dr. Pathmarajan cherishes her spare time, which she often spends with her family in Toronto. This personal connection with her roots in Toronto adds a meaningful dimension to her life outside the clinic, highlighting her commitment to both professional excellence and personal fulfillment.

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